The true meaning of the holidays



October 29, 2018


Halloween comics are some of my favorite because it gives me the chance to draw things completely unrelated from Must Be This Tall.

Every year, I draw the gang in different costumes.

I've been sick all week. So, this comic will most likely be the extent of my Halloween celebrations.

Hope you dig!



Perfect Timing



October 14, 2018


This is the first Must Be This Tall I've done in awhile! I got inspired posting all my old fall comics and wanted to create a new one.

Lots of fun easter eggs in this one. Peep the coffee logo, and the last panel's location.

Missed these little guys.

Hope you dig!



Superbad 2



October 3, 2018


This is about that one time I watched a tv series and then had no one to talk with about it.


It was yesterday. 


But seriously, watch Superbad 2 (Maniac) on Netflix and then text me about it.

Hope you dig.



Ad space

Friday, September 21th, 2018


Sometimes, it's every 3rd post.


Hope you dig.






Believe the Hype

Monday, September 10th, 2018


I almost went out and bought Spiderman for PS4 today. I got up to get it several times; I even collected a bunch of old games I could trade in. However, I did not get it. I drew this comic instead.


The thing about games like Spiderman is there is so much hype around them, that I expect something huge from the game. But when I get them, I'm always let down because they end up just being a video game. I mean maybe that's obvious, but they always get me. I remember had hyped I was for the first Star Wars Battlefront for PS4. I even considered buying a video game console just to get it. When I finally played it, I realized it was just a game.


I'll get it eventually, maybe.


You know what is not just a game, "Risk of Rain". I mean it is a game, but it's different. I got it last week at PAX West. I've been playing it more than I thought I would.

Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out how to use this new website. Here is a possible option for posting new comics. I'll see how it works.

Hope you dig.





Dog people

This isn't about you. 

I swear.

Hope you dig.