Here is page five of the Must Be This Tall origin story; rife with secrets and fun in every panel. I’m trying to publish a book and all this month I’m promoting a kickstarter for more details read below!

About ten years ago I started drawing a full-length comic. I never did anything so involved. It took me more than a year to draw the pencils for more than 60 pages of art, scan those pages, and then ink and color them on Photoshop. I started in 2009 and finished the comic sometime in 2010.

After everything was finished, I wanted to print it; but realized no one would have any idea what or who the story was about.

So in 2011, I started drawing a webcomic called Must Be This Tall in an effort to make people aware of the characters in my full-length comic and hopefully find some people interested in the story.

Six years later, the webcomic took on a life of its own. But now, I’m going back to the beginning and attempting to finally release that first story I drew nearly a decade ago.

I’m doing a kickstarter to fund the project. For the next next month, I’m going to be posting a lot about the project – trying to get the word out as much as possible so I can fund my dream-project.

It would be such a huge amazing help if you would share my posts in the next 30 days. Whether you’re interested in owning a piece of Must Be This Tall or not, just spreading the words is a huge help that I am so appreciative of!

Over the next few weeks, I will give a sneak peek into the story, posting the first few pages.

Hope you dig!